Internet Safety for Children: Help Kids Learn to Stay Safe Online

Some people will continue to find new ways to use the Internet to take advantage of unsavvy users, such as children, through the use of inappropriate content, advertising, one-click buying, child predators, data collectors, computer viruses, etc. The following websites and web browsers can help children use the Web safely.

Websites for Online Safety

The following websites help children prepare for potential dangers they may encounter while using the Web.

Netsmartz Kids at is a whole website full of fun games and activities to help children learn about online safety. Kids can join Club UYN where every member knows how to “Use Your Netsmartz.” Club UYN engages kids in more games and activities that help them learn about staying safe on and offline. Kids can download and print the club membership card with Net smart reminders, as well as the Netsmartz Scribblez activity book.

Kid-Safe YouTube Videos with Totlol provides a protected environment for viewing pre-approved YouTube videos. Parents can participate by submitting and reviewing videos and creating playable collections.

BrainPOP, Jr., offers a free movie about Internet Safety. The regular website offers a free movie on Computer Viruses, as well as a free trial with access to a lesson on Online Safely.

Child Browsers for Online Safety

Child browsers with parental control and management options allow children to safely browse the Internet without the worry of encountering inappropriate content or other dangers.

Users of the Firefox web browser can use the Glubble family browser add-on. Firefox with Glubble, available at, is a kid-safe browser with a built-in directory of fun and educational children’s websites. Parents manage accounts for each of their children and can add websites to their children’s access lists. In addition to individual child accounts, each family has a family homepage with a message wall and photo sharing. Parents can also participate in the Glubble Parents network with other parents, as well as teachers and other caregivers.

Parents need to be very careful about their children’s online activities. You should try to spend a lot of time with your kids and do different fun activities to keep them occupied. Our suggestion for you is to try Free Printable Coloring Pages for Kids and you will start to notice a positive change in your life as well.

Mickey-Mouse-in-Christmas-spirit-Coloring-Page-for-kids –Christmas coloring pages

The TUKI Browser for Kids, presented by The Children’s Network, is available at The TUKI browser provides parental controls, an Internet filter, and an educational environment for kids. Like Firefox with Glubble, TUKI provides a pre-approved list of websites. Club TUKI at provides an Internet Safety Quiz to test children’s online safety skills.

Children use the Internet at increasingly young ages. For this reason, it’s important to get them started early on learning to use the Web wisely and safely. Protection and preparation in the forms of parental controls, safe practices, and knowledge of potential dangers all help children enjoy the Internet as a fun learning environment.

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